Hi I'm Tim Webber, Spring, Texas, USA.
I am building a Challenger II experimental homebuilt airplane. I will use this site to display pictures and stories of the progress of the aircraft.

There are some large pictures and they will take some time to load. A technical note, these pictures were taken in afternoon lighting with the camera set incorrectly! Hopefuly the information provided with compensate for the photographers incompetence!!

August 2002
I have started an Ultralight Flight Instructors training with John Wall III in Angleton. John is an excellent instructor and I can recommend him highly for all your Ultralight flight training needs. His site is Lightstuff Aviation. Visit his site a lot of good information.

Challenger Pictures:

Challenger Pictures - Tail Feathers 1

Challenger II Pictures - 2

Challenger II - Fuselage / Ailerons

Challenger II - On Landing Gear and Painted

Challenger - Misc Pics of Family during Construction

Challenger II Wing Strut Bracket Installation

Challenger II Assembled and Flying

Flying Pictures - September 12, 2002 (Happy birthday Michelle (22))
Added two more pictures at the bottom of this page on September 24, 2002

Just a Pretty Day to Fly! 10/17/2002

November 7, 2002 Another Pretty Day

Arial Photography setups

DownLoad Flying Movie - 17,555KB characters (Right Click and save file) Then Play Mpeg1

GrandPa Bert 1914 - 2001
He taught us all to FLY

Cheif Pilot "Grandpa Bert" on his 84th Birthday!

Come back often and feel free to make comments.

Will have more pictures in a week or so.

Updated February 15, 2003

Tim - tim@webbersweb.com

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