Challenger II - On Gear - Painted Fuselage

Bert and Jeff - Lost on driveway!

Two intrepid flyers lost on a low level mission! A/C with fuselage painted and gear and brakes installed. The nose bowl has been fit (and removed for painting) and the bows for the aft end of the windshield are installed. Actual motive of the shot was Bert proving that he could fit into the small area for pilot entry / exit. (Not shown is Bert's cane and the tears of laughter by all as he got in!!!)

Brakes are installed - sitting on gear - painted... Color is Nevada Silver.

Jeff - A/C on own gear and fuselage painted

Jeff, after wiggling into the pilot's seat. Windshield is just added. The area for entry / exit is very tight. We called the factory for some info and they advised that it can be done and it gets easier with parctice. We ran out of film and will include a sequence study on the next update.

Note, after several entrys and exits in the completed aircraft, It is easy to do and the wrap around windshield is a real pleasure to fly behind.

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