Challenger II - Wing Assembly - Strut Attach Brackets

These are some details of the Strut Attach Brackets

The fuselage with the wings installed

The fuselage with wings attached. The daylight got away before we could even start the jury struts!

Ed Richardson and "Marshal" in Durant, Oklahoma came up with a fixture to properly locate the "split" in the fabic for the inside attach bracket. Notice that the outer bracked is held temporarily in place and at the porper angle to locate the inboard brackets slit. The fixture is exactly the width of the rear or front spar. It also has marks on it to give the proper length of the slit.


The slit cut in the wingThe slit is cut with the soldering iron to make a "C" (reversed in this case) shaped slit. This provided more than enuff room to slide in the wrench and tighten.


Bracket in slitThe bracket is now in the slit awaiting the installation of the two nylock nuts. The nut is impossible to install and tighten without the slit extensions.

Wrench with tape to hold nutOther sideThe wrench is covered with masking tape to hold the nut in the wrench while lowering the nut into the slit. I installed the brackets backwards the first time and had to remove them and reinstall, and I never lost a nut!! The wrench is held over the bolt and then bolt is turned to start. It took a little "fiddling", but all were installed successfully. Return to Challenger II Page