Challenger II Pictures in Flight

Just taking off - a dreary day again, but Jean was there with a camera. This was my first trip with a photographer!

I purposely held it to a lower altitude. I can get to 400 feet by this point on the airport, but I held it down so Jean could take a picture. Since I wan't climbing, the speed got way into the "yellow zone" on the airspeed indicator.

Climbing quckly now...

All in all, it was a great day. Visibility was hazy, but at a 500' pattern altitude, it is no big deal. Down wind and base legs are very flyable at 1/4 mile from the runway center line. A very flyable airplane!

This is Southeastern Texas - a view out the windshield. On my way to an airport 10 miles away. There is a small airport outlined by trees just off the nose of the A/C - Just beyond the strange rectangular lake with funny islands...( I have no idea what the lake is for?) The airport I am going to is 3 miles beyond that little field and is lost in the haze on this picture. - Added 09/24/2002

This is the same part of the country headed North, back to Waller, TX. I could not get a picture, but you could see all of houston off to the Eastsoutheast. A rare day in this part of Texas.

Jean also took some Hi-8 video. The telephoto and tracking an airplane take some experience that Jean just has never had. I will upload a 16 meg mpeg tonite for download.
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