Just a pretty evening to fly!

I was just too pretty to stay home!!! So, I gathered up the flying stuff and went to the airport.

Winds were light - 5 - 7 MPH about 140 degrees. Sun was low on the Western Horizon. Temp about 74 / visibility just under 30 miles.

Friends Joey, Shainel and Madison Bohannon are building a home at Waller Airport. At this height and with the "camera jiggle", it does not do the house justice! Going to be a BEAUTIFUL home!

Another shot of chez Bohannon.

Friends Hangars (Hangers) (Airplane Storage Places!!!) - Always a good time at these hang(e or o)rs...

This is a photo on "long final" The old runway has an "X" on it. The new runway is turf and is a little to the right of the "X" and ahead of the small intersecting taxiway. Just a tad dark to get a picture...

Well, a great photo op kinda clobbered by an electronics engineer in Japan!!! On short final, plan extremely well lined up on the runway. I risk life and limb to grab the camera, compose the shot and then land the airplane. The camera thot it was too dark for the shot, so it turned on its flash! Well, it photographed the instrument panel and the flash caused the windshield to become a mirror. That gave a good rendering of some of the instruments and also caused the flash to be reflected back into my face. This all happened at about 25 feet in altitude at 50 MPH. Landing when temporarily blinded is not fun! To land, I need to get down to about 35 MPH. Purist amongst you will notice that the altimeter still says about 100 feet AGL, I forgot to set it. The really neat thing about small airplanes is you really don't have to sweat the small stuff (instruments, gauges, radios, etc). Forces you to fly outside the cockpit. More pilots need more of that experience! Feel the airplane, look at the environment.

A Piper (Warbird L4 (I think) and a Kitfox)) also enjoying the evening.

Later, Tim 10/17/2002

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