Another Pretty Day to Fly!!

This is a picture to show how "CLEAR" the sky can get in the Houston area. Also it shows an old Hall Brothers airspeed indicator that I just wired and taped to the jury strut. It is for slower ultralights. It is indicating about 50 MPH. It is more accurate than the "official Challenger" airspeed indicator.
Another interesting point in this picture is that is shows the effects of the air pressure on the bottom of the wing. You can see the fabric being pushed up. Bernoulli and angle of incidence fans can have the discussion on the physics, I will just enjoy the flight.

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of a strange pond. Tony thot it was a Fish Farm. Well, here it is almost straight below. It has crop circles!!! Actually really wierd islands. While Jo and Hazel were here, it rained a little. Actually it rained off and on for about 15 days. Some areas got about 15" in that time period. You can see from the surrounding fields, it was real wet.

This is another picture of me about to turn final and land at Waller (Skydive Houston). There is a spec just on the far side of taxiway. It looks black and is only 5 or 6 pixels, but it is a skydiver landing. The jump plane is just out of site to the right and coming in for a landing. I loitered in the area on the north side of the airport for 5 minutes letting the jumpers, and jump plane get back on the ground and out of the way. I know that Hazel will not believe this, but the low today was about 38 degrees! I was getting cold riding around in this open cockpit in blue jeans and a sweatshirt. Now, where did I put my coat last February????

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